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City of Aiken Backflow Prevention & Testing

Every public water system must initiate and maintain a viable cross connection control program. This is accomplished by surveying the distribution system for unprotected cross connections. Once identified, these connections can be eliminated through the proper use of backflow prevention assemblies. The public water system must maintain accurate records pertaining to the location of existing backflow prevention assemblies, type and size of each assembly and annual testing results. All testing must be done by a state certified backflow prevention tester. Additionally, backflow prevention assemblies used in South Carolina must be on SC DHEC’s List of Approved Backflow Prevention Assemblies for South Carolina.

For more information about this program and a listing of approved backflow prevention assemblies see http://www.scdhec.gov/environment/WaterQuality/DrinkingWater/CrossConnectionControl/

As of June 13, 2000 SCDHEC categorized lawn irrigation sprinkler systems as low hazard or non health hazard cross connection, unless chemicals or an unapproved auxiliary water supply is tied to the system.

For a simple underground lawn irrigation sprinkler system, several backflow prevention devices are acceptable: double check valve assembly, pressure vacuum breaker, or the atmospheric vacuum breaker. If chemical concentrates are aspirated or injected into the lawn irrigation sprinkler system , the only acceptable protective devices will be reduced to pressure principle backflow preventer or an approved air gap separation. If a well or other alternate water source is tied into the irrigation system, there must be an air gap separation between the irrigation system and the house service line. THE RESIDENTIAL DUAL CHECK WILL NO LONGER BE ACCEPTABLE FOR BACKFLOW PROTECTION ON ANY NEW LAWN IRRIGATION SPRINKLER SYSTEMS.

Per the SCDHEC State Primary Water Regulations R.61-58.7 lawn irrigation sprinkler systems installed prior to June 13, 2000 will not be subject to these requirements.

Any RESIDENTIAL irrigation sprinkler system installed AFTER June 13, 2000 must have a testable device that is tested bi-annually. COMMERCIAL systems will remain on the annual testing schedule. After testing the device, a copy of the results must be faxed to the City of Aiken Backflow Prevention Officer.

City of Aiken Back Flow Device Test Report Form