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Citizens Review Board

The Citizens Review Board comprises civilians appointed by the Mayor of Aiken. The board is tasked with reviewing the Aiken Department of Public Safety’s handling of complaint allegations. Either use the online Commendation / Complaint Form or call the Citizens Review hotline at 803-643-2147 to provide information regarding any interaction with Public Safety you desire to have reviewed.

The City of Aiken and the Aiken Department of Public Safety are committed to professionalism, accountability, and transparency in public services. Allegations of discrimination, harassment, or any misconduct by the Aiken Department of Public Safety will be thoroughly examined by the Department. If you would like to commend an officer/Staff Member for exceptional performance or file a complaint on an officer/Staff Member, please click on the Commendation / Complaint Form link below.

City of Aiken Department of Public Safety’s Commendation/Complaint Form for Police Interactions