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City of Aiken Board of Zoning Appeals

The City of Aiken Board of Zoning Appeals hears requests for Special Exceptions, Variances, or Administrative Appeals from the Zoning Ordinance. The Board acts in a quasi-judicial manner, and its decisions are reversible only through court action.

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  • Board of Zoning Appeals By-Laws
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  • Application Considerations:
    • For Variance Applications, please note that a Variance has certain limitations found in the City Zoning Ordinance Sections 6.2.19, in particular items numbers 2 & 3:
      • Limitations. The Board may not grant a variance the effect of which would be any of the following:
        • To permit a use of land or a structure that is not allowed in the applicable district.
        • To allow an increase in intensity or physical extension of a nonconforming use.
        • To increase the density of a use above that permitted by the applicable district.
      • Profitability Not to Be Considered. The fact that property may be developed more profitably should a variance be granted may not be considered grounds for a variance.
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