Permitting / Codes
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City of Aiken Permitting / Codes

The Planning Department can assist you in determining if the intended use of the structure is permitted within the appropriate zoning classification.

The size and intended use of the proposed structure will determine if extensive drawings will be required.

Allow up to 30 days for a review of the complete set of plans that have been submitted to the Building Inspection Division.

The permit fee is based on the contract amount or construction cost and is to be paid prior to the issuance of the building permit.

It is important that the contractor understand that it is his/her responsibility to call and request inspections at least 24 hours prior to inspection. Please call 803-642-7675 for inspections by 4:00 p.m. to ensure that the inspection is on the schedule for the next business day, excluding holidays.

The Building Code Board of Appeals is available to the contractor or public to provide an opportunity to appeal any building code interpretation made by the Building Inspection Division.

We strongly recommend that you check with the following departments before applying for a permit to ensure that your plans meet the standards involved (This could save you a great deal of time because then you will know when you are submitting plans that your plans will not require significant changes. For instance, you may have been advised by the Planning Department early in your project development that your building will not meet the setback requirements of the City Zoning Ordinance, and therefore had to reconfigure it on the site. It was better to know that early on rather than after you had fully designed your plan):

  • Planning Department – Approval of zoning, setbacks, and subdivision regulations. 803-642-7608.
  • Engineering Division – Approval is required for residential subdivisions and commercial projects for grading permits; i.e.: storm water management, sediment and erosion control, etc. 803-642-7610.
  • Business License Division – Approval of new business license applications and business license application renewals as well as verification of a contractor’s business license prior to a building permit being issued. 803-642-7642.
  • Fire Department – Commercial plans that are submitted must be reviewed by the City of Aiken Fire Marshal for compliance with Fire Codes and any required sprinkler plans. 803-642-7620.

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