Taxes in the City of Aiken

The City of Aiken collects property taxes on all Real, Merchants, and Personal Property (other than vehicle-all vehicle taxes are collected by the Aiken County Treasurer). The normal due date for City taxes is the month of October, with a 5% penalty being added on November 1st. The due dates may change based on when the tax books are actually opened. If the tax bills are prepared and the tax books opened on or before September 15th, then the normal penalty dates apply. If the tax bills are prepared and the tax books opened after September 15th, then an extended due date and penalty date will apply. All penalty dates are printed on the tax bill each year, so these bills should be reviewed upon receipt to make sure a timely payment is submitted. Property with unpaid taxes are turned over to the Delinquent Tax Collector and the property may be sold at the annual tax sale to satisfy the delinquency. The City of Aiken holds its annual tax sale along with the Aiken County Delinquent Tax Collector and it is always held the first Monday in November. If you are seeking tax information for Aiken County please visit their website at

Millage Rates

Year Millage Rate
2011 to present 62 mills
2007 to 2010 66 mills
2001 to 2006 71 mills
1996 to 2000 79 mills
1991 to 1995 90 mills
1990 102 mills

Tax Corrections & Errors

VERY IMPORTANT! All property assessment changes or error corrections are made through the Aiken County Tax Assessor’s office and NOT through the City of Aiken. Please visit their website at or by phone at 803-642-1583 for more information. By State Law, the City of Aiken is not authorized to make any changes to your tax records. All corrections, including name and address updates, are sent to the City of Aiken by the Aiken County Tax Assessor’s office.