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City of Aiken Homestead Exemption

As allowed under SC Code Section 12-37-250 The first fifty thousand dollars ($50,000) of the fair market value of the dwelling place of a person is exempt from county, municipal, school, and special assessment real estate property taxes when the person has been a resident of this State for at least one year and has reached the age of sixty-five years on or before December 31st, the person has been classified as totally and permanently disabled by a state or federal agency having the function of classifying persons, or the person is legally blind as defined in Section 42-25-20, preceding the tax year in which the exemption is claimed and holds complete fee simple title or a life estate to the dwelling place. Should you have questions concerning filing for Homestead Exemption, please contact the Aiken County Auditor’s Office at 803-642-1510 or 803-642-1511. All filings must be done through Aiken County. When granted, the County will notify the City of Aiken to update the tax records.