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City of Aiken Taxes Frequently Asked Questions

NOTE! All Property Assessment changes or error corrections are made through the Aiken County Tax Assessor’s office. By State Law, the City of Aiken, SC IS NOT AUTHORIZED to make any changes to your tax records. All corrections, including name and address updates, are sent to the City of Aiken by the Aiken County Tax Assessor’s office.

How can I view/pay my bill online?

You can access our online tax account portal by visiting You will be able to search by Account ID, Parcel #, Property Address or Owner Name. You can also visit to type in your address and retrieve your Tax Account ID.

How can I get a receipt for my paid property taxes?

You can access a receipt showing the payment of your property taxes on our online tax portal. You will need to search for your account, click on the history link on the left, then click on the date of payment for the receipt you are wanting. This will show the receipt number, payment date amount paid, payment method, and who made the payment.

I would like to appeal the appraisal made of my home/property. Whom do I contact?

The Aiken County Tax Assessor’s Office at 803-642-1583 can assist you.

My mortgage company is supposed to pay my tax bills, why did you bill me?

Since all City of Aiken property owners are responsible for their tax payments, a statement is sent to inform you of the amount due. If your mortgage is under escrow, you will need to contact your mortgage company and ask them to contact the Aiken County Treasurer’s Office at 803-642-2092 so your account can be coded for your mortgage company. Taxes are not considered paid until the check clears the bank.

I am now eligible for the homestead exemption. Whom do I contact?

The Aiken County Auditor’s office at 803-642-1510 or 803-642-1511 can assist you. (Homestead exemption is available to primary homeowners over 65, 100% disabled, or legally blind).

I have questions concerning my vehicle tax (car tags). Whom do I contact?

For all cars, boats, aircraft, etc., please contact the Aiken County Auditor’s office at 803-642-1510 or 803-642-1511.

I no longer own this property for which I am receiving this personal property or merchant’s tax bill. How do I get this corrected?

All corrections to your personal property or merchant’s tax bill must be done through the Aiken County Auditor’s Office. Please contact them at 803-642-1510 or 803-642-1511.

What amount is the base tax on my tax bill?

The base tax is the first amount listed on your bill. The other amounts include the penalty due if you pay after the specified dates.