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City of Aiken Tax Work-Off Program for Senior Citizens

The City of Aiken offers an exceptional opportunity for senior citizens through its Senior Citizen Tax Work-Off Program. This initiative is tailor-made for individuals aged 60 and above who are homeowners and reside within the City of Aiken. By participating in this program, eligible seniors can work with various City Departments, earning an amount equivalent to their City of Aiken residential real property taxes, calculated based on the current minimum wage.

Eligibility Criteria:
To qualify for this program, interested individuals must fulfill the following criteria:

  • Residency and Homeownership: Participants must be homeowners and reside within the City of Aiken.
  • Tax Location: Applicants should currently live at the location where the aforementioned taxes are imposed.
  • Age Requirement: Individuals must be 60 years or older by December 31 of the application year.
  • Tax Payment: Participants are required to have fully paid their real property taxes for the current year.

Application Process:
If you meet the eligibility criteria and are keen on participating in the program, the City of Aiken is currently accepting applications. To obtain further information or request an application form, please get in touch with the City Manager’s Office at 803.642.7654.

Program Details:
The Senior Citizens Tax Work-Off Program creates a valuable opportunity for older residents of Aiken to contribute their skills and talents while earning credits toward their property taxes. As selected participants, individuals will be classified as temporary employees and will be reimbursed for their taxes at the prevailing minimum wage for the work they perform. It is essential to note that participants are not entitled to employee benefits from the City of Aiken. Reimbursements will be treated as wages for tax purposes and will be subject to all required taxes and withholding. Participants will receive reimbursements on a monthly basis, along with a statement showing deductions for any taxes and withholding that are made.

Working Hours and Availability:
When work opportunities become available, participants will be permitted to work up to the number of hours necessary to reimburse them for their city residential property taxes at the minimum wage. To determine the number of hours you may work, the City will divide the residential property tax bill by the minimum wage.

Potential Limitations:
It’s important to be aware that the City cannot guarantee participants will receive enough work to be reimbursed for the full amount of their residential property taxes. Due to the program’s popularity, there may be more applicants than available work opportunities.

The City of Aiken’s Senior Citizen Tax Work-Off Program presents a meaningful way for older individuals to stay engaged and active in their community while easing the financial burden of property taxes. By taking part in this initiative, seniors can contribute their valuable skills and talents while earning credits towards their tax obligations. For further inquiries or to apply, please contact the City Manager’s Office at 803-642-7654. Thank you for your interest in this program, and we encourage eligible seniors to seize this fantastic opportunity.

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